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SWAT Pest Control Position statement: Covid-19

SWAT Pest control recognise the importance of protecting public health whilst delivering pest control services to those requiring help during such difficult times. That is why we have deployed fully protective services to enable our technicians to deliver pest control services whilst ensuring Government advice is followed at all times.

The BPCA (the governing body for Pest Control Services) have recently issued a statement acknowledging the need for pest control services to continue amidst the outbreak of the Corona Virus. With the assistance of the BPCA, the government have acknowledged Pest Control technicians as ‘key workers’ who are able to continue providing services whilst ensuring social distancing is maintained at all times.

Pest Control management is a vital service that supports public health. With this in mind, our technicians have to assess the risk of spreading the Corona Virus against the management of pest species. This can only be achieved on a case-by-case basis by assessing the requirement of each job and whether pest control services can be actioned whilst following Government guidance throughout.

What has SWAT Pest Control done to protect its customers?

If you require Pest Control Services an initial telephone discussion will take place to enable our technicians to assess the requirement of your visit. If it is considered safe to treat your premises, the following actions will be implemented to ensure safety for both our technicians and our customers;

  1. All relevant health & safety PPE will be worn by our technicians at all times.
  2. There will be a 2 metre social distancing measure put in place between our technicians and the customer. In most cases, measures can be implemented to ensure our technicians do not come into any contact with customers by requesting they stay in a different part of the premises to that which is being treated.
  3. Our technicians will always ensure they wash their hands both before and after each visit by using hand sanitizing products.
  4. Careful consideration will be taken when payment of each visit is made. Where possible, please make payment via BACS to avoid the transaction of money taking place.

Official Government guidance relating to COVID -19 and symptoms associated with the same can be found at Please ensure all safety guidance is carried out at all times to protect both yourself and those around you.

Pest Control services will currently only be carried out on an emergency basis where it is clear that treatment of the same is required for the heath and safety of those affected.

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